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Our Service

We provide services to you in developing applications, corporate branding and games


We offer website development services for your business needs. Websites that we have developed is a premium website with features that can be tailored to your needs. Development has been using the latest technologies such as frame work base to optimize your website.

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We provide services developing desktop applications for your business. Desktop applications such as store management, enterprise management system, and other information systems. For some types of companies, we have created an application that is ready to install and use.


Currently, many companies are doing branding to support the promotion of maximum both offline and online. For those owners of the company or products, we offer services to support branding and product branding efforts. Branding in question is the content necessary for your business promotion, both of the needs of design, video profiles, and more. Currently we offer online branding system in order to maximize the promotion of your business in the digital era. Branding online can be met with a variety of media such as media promotion of social media and a variety of containers that you can make a promotional tool such as gaming, E magazine, Website.

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Mobile application is currently serving as become mandatory for users of the gadget. The user is more often open the gadget in daily life. It can be used by employers to support efficiency and improve service to customers. With the mobile application, system sales as well as certain services will be easier to do in terms of users and companies. Features can be customized to the type of platform, and developing supporting Android OS and iOS.


Ganeshcom Studio has a special division for developing games. So far we have developed several products themed educational game. We can make games that are tailored to client needs both for branding and commercial. Games that we developed in the form of gaming, desktop or mobile games.

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To provide maximum service, we offer services as IT consultant for your company's problems relating to IT. You can consult with our plan-making system and dispute resolution system that would exist in your company. We will give you a solution of your problem as possible. For those of you who become our client for developing the system, we will provide consultant services for free prior to making an application.

Why Choose Us?


Speeds up development

We did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide a default stylings that incorporate our custom components. Additionally, we refined animations and transitions to provide a smoother experience for developers.


User Experience Focused

We create applications that put the user's convenience in use. Applications that looks simple and fast user understand the flow of the existing system in the applications we develop.


Best Offer

We are very flexible to deal with you for developing app. Dont worry about the price and how we solved your problem, but we really focus on quality when create a product.

About Us

Your needs are the source of our innovation

Ganeshcom Studio is a company engaged in Developing Software and Corporate Branding. In software development we always put the quality of a product both of the services that we offer as well as product innovations that we continue to develop. Ganeshcom besides developing software as a service provider, we also provide branding services for companies or products of the client. Branding as ours can be a design and online branding for your company's promotional needs online.

We are professional in running the business with the establishment of a corporation incorporated as PT. GANESHCOM MITRA SOLUSI DIGITAL

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